Legendary Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown Is Now Giving Makeup Lessons on MasterClass

Bobbi Brown applies makeup to a model

Ever since I found out that MasterClass exists, I’ve been building a wish list of the experts and icons I want to learn from. The platform, if you’re not yet familiar, lets you take streaming video “classes” from the people that are, as the name of the service suggests, masters of their crafts, and my aforementioned wish list is full of great examples: singing lessons from Christina Aguilera, creative writing lessons from Margaret Atwood, gymnastics lessons from Simone Biles, etc. And now, for the first time, MasterClass has launched makeup lessons, taught by none other than the legendary Bobbi Brown.

Brown’s makeup lessons are the first available in MasterClass’s new Lifestyle category — other, more populated categories include Music and Entertainment, Politics and Society, and Culinary Arts — and I’m honestly shocked this didn’t happen sooner in the company’s nearly five-year history. With so many highly viewed makeup tutorials on YouTube, there’s clearly a thirst for cosmetic knowledge, and while there are many talented professional and self-taught makeup artists dishing out elaborate technique tips, there’s nothing quite like getting down to the basics with a true luminary.

In addition to practical lessons on makeup fundamentals like choosing the right foundation, applying blush the most flattering way, perfecting the smoky eye, creating a statement lip, MasterClass says Brown will be offering “an in-depth look at her beauty philosophy and the path she took to get there,” all the while demonstrating how to achieve a range of looks for different ages and skin tones.

“Makeup has the power to not only enhance your natural beauty, but change the way you feel about yourself. It’s about looking like yourself and feeling better,” Brown said in a press release. “I hope students walk away from my MasterClass with the understanding that makeup doesn’t have to be complicated, and once you master a few simple techniques, you can then layer in your own creativity and style.”