How to perfect Au Naturel makeup


With the increase in humidity, your skin can sweat a lot. Exposure to harsh sunlight is one of the major causes of wrinkles and premature ageing, and why beauty experts stress the importance of applying sunscreen. So, while you want to still apply makeup, the skill lies in doing your face so artfully that even with makeup on, you can flaunt a no makeup look. A strong brow, neutral lips and peachy, subtle eyes is a great minimal look for this season, say makeup experts.

Advising against the random use of beauty products, a makeup artist at Revlon says that before applying cosmetics, one must understand its composition so as to be clear about the use and effects the product has on your skin. Something to which makeup expert Shivanya Ghai agrees too. “This will help you choose a product that can give you a glowing natural look,” she says, adding that one must also invest in a personal kit with proper tools. A few things you must keep in mind when applying makeup are:

Trinity of skincare regime

A fresh and flawless face begins with great skin. An important prerequisite for this is to keep your skin healthy and supple. To do so, follow a daily cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. Oil-free moisturisers are your best solution to Delhi’s heat. If your skin has blemishes, dab on a bit of foundation. Liquid, cream, and stick foundations spread evenly on your skin, giving you a one-colour tone. You can mix your oil-free moisturiser with the foundation to get that sheer glow. Use a dash of concealer to tackle dark circles.

Nude lips

Tuck away your reds and oranges for paler shades. To perfect the minimal makeup look, even a swipe of nude lipstick is enough to get you going. What’s more: nude lipsticks make your face look new and young.

Bold eyes

Brows are the key as they outline your face. Bold, solid brows look great on all women, no matter what the age. Only make sure that your brow colour matches your hair colour. If you want your eye shadow to last longer, do not use eye cream on lids. Complete the look with smudge-free eyeliner and kohl.

Contour the face 

This technique saves you from looking washed out. Opt for a bronzer or face powder that are a few shades darker than your original skin tone. This accentuates specific areas on your face – along your hairline, under your cheekbones, and sides of your nose. Contour to the shape of your face. For highlighting, pick a colour that’s two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Set your makeup

It is very important to always set your makeup. “While most of us use compact powder, I feel loose powder is a much lighter form and sets the makeup really well. Using a makeup fixer is very important during summers,” says Ghai.