5 Easy Ways to Wear Colorful Eye Makeup This Spring

Bright Spring Makeup Trends - Lead

One of my bathroom drawers is a graveyard of almost-empty eyeshadow palettes. All of the pans in them are scraped clean — except for a bright shade or two that I’m too intimidated to try.

However, after seeing the neon yellow and blue eyeshadow backstage at Rodarte’s Spring 2019 fashion show and Kendall Jenner’s slime green cat eye, I’m ready to put my big girl pants on, break out of my comfort zone, and lean into one of spring 2019’s biggest beauty trends: bold eye makeup.

Yes, I know bright colors and spring aren’t exactly a groundbreaking combo, but this seasons trends are all about spinning some of the most classic eye makeup looks, and that’s what makes wearing these bright shades fresh and exciting.

With the help of makeup and hairstylist Erica Whelan, I’ve broken down five of spring 2019’s biggest, boldest, and brightest eye makeup trends that are worth trying. Along with these visual examples, I’ve included a tip or two that’ll help you out when you’re standing in front of your bathroom mirror trying to execute these looks on your own.

Keep scrolling for five spring eye makeup trends that prove wearing bright makeup isn’t scary.