Man Sets Fashion Goals by Wearing Regency Clothes That Are Two Centuries Old

Image result for Man Sets Fashion Goals by Wearing Regency Clothes That Are Two Centuries OldZack Pinsent has a strange fashion sense. The young man prefers looking dapper in clothes from the Regency period, that are well over two centuries old.

It has been ten years since he left high street labels to instead wear dandy clothes from another era. A modern man in 18th century clothes is how one can best describe this dandy youngster.

According to The Sun, tailor by profession, 25-year-old Zack loves what he does simply for his own enjoyment. Zack’s typical daywear is knee-high riding boots, waistcoat, jacket and tails and he often sports a top hat and cane as well.

Zack discovered his great-grandfather’s old suits while moving home when he was 14 and decided to burn his only jeans on a bonfire as a “real turning point,” in his life.

He started off by wearing three-piece suits on non-school uniform days but by his sixth standard, he was dressing in historical clothing every day.

The West Sussex youngster designs and sews his own outfits, some of which take a year to perfect.

Zack has gained a huge online following with close to 40,000 adoring fans keeping up to date with his period tailoring and works as a tailor in Hove, specialising in bespoke historical clothing for men and women.

Here are some of the pictures he posted on instagram :

According to the youngster, he even receives marriage proposals from his online fans and credits it to women who “want a gentleman and someone that cares about his presentation and appearance.”

Notably, the Regency period, marked between 1811 and 1820 was a period when King George III was deemed unfit to rule due to his illness and his son ruled as his proxy as prince regent. However, the era often encapsulates a point of time till 1837, until Queen Victoria succeeded William IV.