Beauty Station! Makeup trends to say goodbye to

Beauty Station! Makeup trends to say goodbye to

Beauty trends that have rightfully seen their demise in 2019 are those that have quickly vanished from our Instagram feeds, leaving little time to reminisce about. And while not all of these styles are necessarily bad and many of you might still embrace them, they’re not the beauty buzz words they used to be. Here are 6 trends that have died down in recent years.

Eyelash primer

Gone are the days when mascara wands would be two sided – one white, one black. I don’t know if any of you suffered but I’d have the occasional white primer peeking through my mascara. In a rush to get out the door looking somewhat decent, waiting for the first layer of eyelash product to dry before going in with mascara was a trend that was never going to last.

Contour face-mapping

BTS_Contour-face-mapping In the early days of contouring and highlighting, Kim Kardashian had us convinced that there was only one way to do it. Draw lines across your face and make sure it’s symmetrical mapping of the face on with contrasting makeup. It became so successful that Kim was able to make her own beauty line and cash in on the traction she got from being known as the queen of contour. Alas, no one face maps anymore.

Ombre lips

 BTS_Ombre-LipsOmbre lips isn’t one of the worst trends on this list but it’s still pretty outdated. First of all, it reminds us of the paan (betel) chewing population of the country. Second, there’s something very dated about it and it takes away from the idea of fuller lips.

Side shave

BTS_Side-shaveIf you weren’t contemplating shaving half your head off in 2014, were you even on Instagram in 2014? It was one of the biggest hair trends of the time and was sported by Demi Lovato for long enough for many to go for the chop. It’s a hairstyle that left many growing it out for years or forced to cut the other side in order to balance it out.

Colour correcting

BTS_Colour-correctingI’m stressed just looking at this. I’m all for a little green stick when I’ve got a little spot-inflicted redness, but this is just lunacy. Nobody needs 8 different colours painted all over their face to create a ‘flawless base’ because firstly, there’s no such thing as a flawless base. With makeup moving towards the ‘natural look,’ no one is investing so much into makeup correctors.

Short layers

BTS_short-layers Some of us are still trying to get over this phase as we continue to go for regular haircuts in the hope of finally growing out our short layers from 2008.  The hair that gets too short in the front isn’t a flattering look for anyone.