The Only Kendall Jenner-Approved Accessory You Need This Winter

Two unique Charlotte Simone helmet hats in jet black and bubblegum pink.

From Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and more, the Charlotte Simone brand has caught the eye of some of fashion’s most iconic influencers with winter accessories that can take any look to the next level. Whether it’s a fluffy bubblegum pink faux fur helmet hat to the designer Charlotte Beecham’s cozy signature Popsicle scarf that wraps around the entire body, each piece adds boldness and much needed flair to cold weather dressing. In short, gone are the days of plain dark colored scarves or standard knit beanies.

Who knew this line that started out in Beecham’s dorm room when she attended New York University would blossom into an eye-catching collection that celebrities everywhere can’t get enough of? The launch officially happened when she graduated from college in 2011 and she has come a long way since then. With below freezing temperatures taking over this season, now is the perfect time to get winter weather style tips from the mastermind herself. Scroll through her Forbes interview below, make note of her sensible fashion advice and get to know more about her impressive journey within the industry.

Isis Briones: What would you say is the biggest inspiration behind your collection? 

Charlotte Beecham: “I am inspired by the idea that statement accessories are the ultimate way to elevate any look. Fuzzy fabrics are the key component to building an attention-grabbing outfit. They can pull together a basic ensemble and turn it into something special for every day. I founded the business 5 years ago believing there was a gap in the market to make scarves that were not only practical, but also statements of style. With no sizing and a range of rainbow shades, It’s important to me that my brand appeals to women of all ages.”

IB: Can you let in on the biggest challenge in launching a line straight out of college? 

CB: “I started the brand in my dorm room at NYU. I made my very first samples in the garment district and went door to door with product in hand. I had no idea where to start or what to do first, but a good work ethic and drive can certainly get you places. I’m grateful for my strong start, but it definitely wasn’t easy. As Charlotte Simone continues to grow, we are constantly challenged by the ever changing marketplace and consumer wants and needs.We have worked hard with our factories in Tokyo to find promising solutions to these challenges. For example, we’ve successfully created the perfect multi length faux fabric which mirrors the nature of real fur by being a multitude of different lengths and textures. It adds height and that extra fluff factor that Charlotte Simone has become well known for.”

Kendall Jenner rocking the Charlotte Simone Fuzzy Cuff scarf with an all-black look.

Kendall Jenner rocking the Charlotte Simone Fuzzy Cuff scarf with an all-black look.Courtesy of Instagram/@charlottesimone

IB: How does your personal style influence your line? 

CB: “I’m constantly on-the-go, whether it be running to meetings, events, shoots or traveling, I tend to wear outfits that carry me from day to night with simplicity and ease. I like throwing on last-minute pieces that make a statement. The brand mirrors that by giving people of all ages pieces that make a statement without having to think too much about it. A piece from the collection that truly reflects my style and on-the-go look is the Popsicle, I sling it across my shoulders with a simple leather jacket and instantly feel more dressed up.”

IB: Of all the celebrity looks, which one really wowed you and why? 

CB: “My favorite styling of the past few years is still Olivia Palermo in our classic Popsicle scarf. The piece is so versatile, and her look is a perfect example of this. She wore the Popsicle with an otherwise plain black color look and gave it an upgrade with a pop of color, pattern and texture.”

IB: Do you have any advice on cleaning furry items once winter is over? 

CB: “We always suggest specialized dry cleaning. We would recommend at the beginning and end of every season booking your scarf in for a clean, it will keep your fluff fresh. Insider tip, we also blow dry all pieces in house before we ship to all our customers. With a basic hairdryer we recommend going over your piece on a low heat to really fluff up your item.”

IB: Lastly, what can we expect from the company in 2019? 

CB: “Our resolution for 2019 is to meet the needs of an ever-changing market and continue growth in diverse categories. Stay tuned for exciting brand launches that will allow customers to embrace the Charlotte Simone lifestyle even more this year.”